The Wandering Goose

Come early or expect to wait.  The shotgun shaped restaurant fills early.

Three large chalkboard menus hang down from the ceiling against the back wall: biscuits, breakfast hash, salads, mains, juices, coffees.  Anything and everything your heart could possibly desire for your first meal of the weekend. Peering over the shoulder of the cashier/barista/server the kitchen is in full swing with potatoes frying, sausages sizzling, and gravy bubbling.

One daily juice, the easy biscuit with sausage, and a cappuccino later we found our seats.  Benches deep as pews hug you close to the table.

With only one person to settle the bill, pull espresso and run food it may feel like your food is taking a bit longer than expected.

Allow yourself to be distracted by the stacks of sweets in the pastry case: Hummingbird cake, cookies, sour cherry hand pies, biscuits with jam to name a few.  When you plate does arrive it will be piping hot and seasoned just right.  If The Easy Biscuit was a wine it would be described as dry with just a hint of sweetness.  The texture is flaky and delicate which is perfect.  This leaves plenty of biscuit bits to sop up the sunny side up egg that burst when the breakfast sandwich was cut in half.

Leave satisfied and ready to curl up on the couch for a while with a good book.  Stop at Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe, only a few doors down. Grab a book and maybe one more cappuccino to make sure there is more reading than snoozing once you are back home.


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