Played the role of tourist this morning wandering around Pike Place Market en route to Cycene.  As summer gets closer droves of visitors descend on the iconic Seattle landmark.   The food game in these waterfront blocks is top notch.  The stalwart favorites like The Crumpet Shop, Matt’s At The Market, and Cafe Campagne, to name a few, set the bar.

Cycene is a relative newcomer to this part of town.  It does not disappoint,  The chalkboard menu to your right as you enter lists sandwiches and grit dishes.  That thundering rumble you hear is not from the cacophony of city buses cruising down 1st.  It’s your stomach.  Don’t be ashamed.  Few people’s appetites would be suppressed with a menu like this.

Sourdough bread sandwiches variations of egg sandwiches: creole sausage with egg, pimento grille cheese, boudin with tobacco aioli and egg.  The grits feature more pork options.  I chose the roasted mushrooms with greens and leeks.  In a bold move only brewed coffee is available.  It’s strong and smooth with milk and sugar available if that’s how you take it.  This does allow the host to move through the line at a more rapid pace.  The kitchen works efficiently to maximize output without compromising on quality or flavor.

Reacquaint yourself with the market.  Cycene is open at 8am.  You could be in and out before the summer crowds throng the area.  Staying on 1st would allow you to miss the throngs of people.  You would be missing out on a scene that is one of the many reasons people are attracted to the city as a destination.


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