Pewsey Vale By the Glass

Looking for Rieslings tonight.  Scouring the aisles for a range of styles and flavors. Warming up for the June trip to the Mosel and Alsace.

Stopped in my tracks when I saw this lovely from Australia’s Eden Valley. When doing a study of Riesling this is one region that should not be ignored.  The wines bridge the gap between old world and new with bright fruit flavors and terroir driven finishes.

Crack the screw cap and enjoy the snappy style Pewsey Vale Vineyard’s 2015 Dry Riesling.   Their Contours Riesling is iconic, one to cellar for ages. This dry Riesling is ready for porch sipping and seafood grilling. The zesty 2015 comes laden with citrus flavor that zips along the palate with notes of chalk, petrol, and marmalade.  Naturally high acidity buoys the wine on your palate keeping it light and focused.

This is a wine to keep on hand all summer, if not all year.  Riesling is a great chameleon. It is equally at home with August’s caprese salad and November’s rich Thanksgiving feast.


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