Power Prestige Pommard

A straightforward meal is elevated with a rather special bottle of wine.

Dinner was nothing more than a roasted chicken with roasted spring vegetables.  The young potatoes were sliced thick, tossed in olive oil, seasoned, and left to cook in the oven until a nice golden brown.  The other veg, carrots and asparagus, commingled on the sheet tray.  The carrots, halved, roasted for 15 minutes before the asparagus were added for the final minutes of the roast.

While all this is going on the wine was given a little time to breathe.  The 1999 Vincent Girardin Pommard “Les Grands Events” drank like textbook aged Burgundy.  At nearly 20 years old the wine’s lively acidity persisted.  On the nose and palate flavors of plum and cherry were delicately interlaced with nuanced flavors of tobacco, dusty earth, and subois.  It finishes rich and strong with a savory smokey note.

The tender veg and delicate nature of the older wine paired well together. Neither overwhelmed the other.


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