An Education Continued…

Two sour ales were opened and tasted this afternoon.  Another sample from the Double Mountain Brewery the other from a new producer, Calicraft Brewing Company.

Peach was the common flavor of both ales in this tasting round.  The sour ale from Calicraft Brewing is from their lineup of barrel aged products.  On the nose the fruit dominates with hints of wheat.  Like the other examples the first sip takes your breath away with the sour punch.  Flavors of sourdough starter , peach, and basil dominate.  As the beer opens up the impact of the sour notes begins to soften ever so slightly.  It’s a young spritely beer that would be welcome at the table in the height of summer.

The other sample is more of an elder statesman.  The 2015 Double Mountain Pêche Mode has a more restrained nose.  The peach notes dominate.  On the palate the flavor of over ripe stone fruit gives the beer a musky flavor that adds depth and complexity.  The sour notes are more apparent on the finish.  Overall the beer is more smooth and mellow.

These beers are out of the ordinary and not the easiest to find.  Their unique attributes and singular flavors make them worth hunting down.



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