The Ballard Farmers Market has grown.  As the neighborhood’s density has increased with the installation of multistory apartment buildings the market’s location has shifted as well.  This has allowed for the number and diversity of vendors to increase.

One such vendor is Carl’s Cutting Board.  The stall sits closer to Market Street with its cinema and coffee shops.  The selection of sausages alone is staggering – Bangers, Salsiccia, Chorizo, the list goes on.  This week we went home with a package of said Bangers.  After being warned not the cook them at too high a temperature by Carl himself.  Evidently that is where the name originates- the sausages had a habit of bursting from their casings during cooking.  Presumably to the surprise of the unsuspecting chef.

They were prepared simply with asparagus and salad.  The sausages were grilled, then finished in the oven.  The asparagus grilled quickly while they rested.  The salad came together quickly.  A spicy spring mix, also from the market, that was dressed with sherry vinegar and peppery Tuscan olive oil.


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