Mighty Morels

This week’s find at the farmers market – morel mushrooms.  Along with rhubarb and snap peas the arrival of these beauties signal spring is progressing.  These cratered conical fungi add woodsy depth the any dish they are incorporated into.

A simple preparation would be to sautée minced garlic and shallot in butter, add the morels with some fresh thyme.  Deglaze the pan with a slash of stock and/or red wine.  Allow to reduce by half.  Serve over toasted sour dough.  Sprinkle with parsley or thyme to finish.

Pair with a lighter style Pinot Noir with a deep mineral backbone.  The more classic notes of cherry, dried leaves, and earthy terroir driven finish.

*Morels can be quite sandy.  Be sure to gently clean them before cooking.  Few things are worse than the crunch of grit with each bite.


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