And Now, Salad 

Salad season sneaks in as salmon season is kicking off.  It does not get the same fanfare, but it begins nonetheless without much ado.  It begins quietly with heaping bags of tender mustard greens and over wintered spinach.  The next phase brings peppery green arugula.  Before long full heads of Romaine and Troutspeck are available.

As salad season gets more serious the array of supporting actors available to bump up the flavor grows as well.  Green garlic appears on the scene, followed by hardier fresh herbs like mint and chives. By the time crispy, crunchy radishes are on the scene lettuce is hardly needed to make a vibrant, deeply flavorful repast.

At this point salads could go an infinite number of directions.

  • Green salad with radishes, camembert, and a chilled soft boiled egg dressed with a traditional lemon vinaigrette
  • Crunch ‘slaw sans mayonnaise: slivers of carrot, radish, fennel and cucumber tossed with mint, chives, and parsley to accompany chicken either bar-b-qued on the grill or deep fried on the stove.
  • Shaved fennel with pickled shallot, cucumber, and mint to accompany a cold poached salmon filet

Beautiful fresh flavors that do not require time at the stove.  As salad season kicks into high gear so does the gloriously hot, sunny weather.

Keep a few bottles of 2016 Rosé or NZ Sauvy Bs on hand to pair with these beauties.



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