Beans Braising 

This is one of those dinners that comes together in a flash because of small steps taken in the days before.

The cannellini beans had been soaked during the working day and cooked the night before.  Bay leaf and rosemary were added to the stock as the beans cooked.  No salt was aded at this time.

The tomato sauce is as basic as you can get.  Minced garlic and shallot are sweated, a glass of red wine deglazes the pan, and the tomato puree is added at low heat.  The beans are added after a few minutes.  They simmer in the sauce for 20 minutes or so.  Enough time to allow flavors to meld.  Add feta, olives, and parsley for a few minutes at the end. Mind the level of seasoning.  The garnishes may have added enough salt to the final product.

Top the dish with an egg.  Personally, I recommend one that is softly poached.



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