Big Bold Barolo

Certain wines should be left alone, like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon Barolo needs time and isolation to evolve and integrate.  Nebbiolo grown on these particular plots in this minute region of Piedmont are the pinnacle of expression.  The wine’s noble character makes it a wine for an occasion.

Out on the town once again, this time with a well aged bottle of Barolo in hand, we claimed our spots at Flint Creek Cattle Co. in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. The menu, while balanced with many salad and seasonal vegetable offerings, focuses entirely on all things carnivorous.

The 2000 Cappellano Pie Rupestris appeared to have stage fright for the first half of dinner. The wine was demented on arrival.  Barolo are notorious for opening up.  Even at seventeen years of age the Pie Rupestris took a good ninety minutes to begin to unravel and relax.

Nebbiolo and Barolo in particular will never hit you over the head with overt fruit flavors.  As the wine opened up it showed nuanced aromas of tangerine, baking spice, cigar box, brown sugar, and raisin.  The palate was silken with a long dry finish.  This wine had life left in it.  It could have been cellared for a few more years without losing character.


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