Sunday Refection

Refueling at Patxi’s Pizza after an early morning in the park before hitting the Ballard market.  This space in the heart of old Ballard has seen many tenants.  Many have attempted to claim it as their own from furniture to women’s clothing.  This pizzeria seems to have found a way to stop the revolving door.

It is ideally located for market goers.  The large open space with floor to ceiling windows allows for people watching and ample sunlight to pour in.

The focus here is on pizza.  Thin or deep crust depending on how much time you have to devote to waiting for your pie.  Be warned a deep dish can take thirty minutes plus.  This time around we did not have that kind of time.  Food needs to come out hot, fast, and tasty.

Only thin crust pizzas were ordered on this visit.  Both were crispedy and sizzling when they came to the table.  One Pfriem Wit and Piadine later left this diner satiated.  Piandine for the uninitiated is like a calzone made from a thin crust pizza.  The Gaucho is filled with thin sliced chorizo, calabrian peppers, mozzarella, and radicchio on a chunky tomato sauce base.

It is a great place to stop before, during or after the market.  With all of the dining choices along the market these days this is one of the less crowded spaces to grab a quick-ish meal.  Don’t be fooled by the lack of a line out the door.



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