Marinating Mushrooms

Inspired by a chef friends weekend project and reading through the classic Cuisine of the Sun, everyday button mushrooms are submerged in an aromatic bath making them oh so stackable.  The process takes little time.  Paired with a  chilled chablis, brie, and crackers it would make a lovely little plate to nibble on.

  • Water 1/2c
  • Olive oil 2/3c
  • Lemon 2 juiced
  • Bay leaf 3
  • Peppercorns 5-6
  • Salt
  • Brown button mushrooms 1lb

Combine all the ingredients except the mushrooms.  Allow them to simmer for 10 minutes for the flavors to meld.  The mushrooms should be lightly wiped clean with their stems cut off.  Add them whole to the cooking liquid.  Simmer for a further 5-10 minutes until the mushrooms are knife tender.   Cool and store in the cooking liquid.



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