Movie Night 

Options abound throughout the city for movie lovers whether it is a small screening of an art house favorite or the latest summer blockbuster.  Movie night becomes more of an event when the Cinema is involved.

This particular movie house is a next level theatric experience.  It all begins with purchasing the ticket.  Not only do you have guaranteed entrance to the screening of your choice you have also reserved your seat.  Gone is the rush to arrive early enough for the hottest new release.

Instead you can spend extra time lingering in the foyer studying the costumes on display or you may need the extra time with the concessions.  The smell of the chocolate popcorn hits you immediately upon entering.  It is an unusual and intoxicating smell.  There is craft beer on tap, local wine, Theo’s chocolate covered pretzels.  It’s almost too much.

With your snacks and adult beverages in hand you can now proceed into the theatre.  Inside are large seats nestled along extra wide rows.  The whole thing is very civilized.  It makes going to the movies about the experience as a whole again.



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