Salad Days

All summer long.  The garden starts have matured into full heads of lettuce.  The herbs are flourishing.  At this stage of the season it is easy to make salad the centerpiece of the meal.

Tonights rendition utilized the marinated mushrooms made earlier in the week as well as the last of a crumbling blue.  The vinaigrette had been made a few days prior.  A simple balsamic concoction with Tuscan olive oil, honey, and dijon mustard.  The last of a bunch of green onions was put to rest as well.

It was served along side chicken that had been marinated with oregano, rosemary, the same Tuscan olive oil, and lime juice, then grilled.  A simple dinner that paired well with a spirited Riesling from Adelaide.  The characteristic Aussie zing of lime brought everything together.  The wine’s chalky terroir added balance and depth to the smokey, umami rich meal.


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