Chickpeas in olive oil

Back to a old favorite tonight.  I first stumbled upon this technique while perusing Cooking beans, legumes, and grains ahead of time leaves options open for cooking a few days down the road.  Braising the beans in olive oil is low key and flavorful

Green onion and green garlic were chopped and lightly sautéed.  Chickpeas, feta, capers, and lemon zest were then added to the pan.  These items got no cooking time on the stove.  They were merely folded together quickly to incorporate all the elements before being whisked away to the oven for approximately 30 minutes of braising.

While cooking the chickpeas soften further in the warm olive oil bath taken on a silken texture. The baked feta becomes fudgy.  While the pan cooled on the stove top roughly chopped chives, basil, and mint were added to the dish.  Tonight the dish was served alone with a dollop of pesto on top.  It would pair well as a side with roasted lamb, grilled fish, or a fried egg.

Chickpeas in particular are a muscular sort of bean that can stand up to heartier wines.  In my glass tonight was a Sonoma County syrah dripping with bramble berry flavors and finishing with a spicy kick of black pepper.


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