On The Grill

Wishing and hoping for the return of grill worthy weather. 

There was a glimmer of possibility a few short weeks ago that “Junuary” might not make an appearance this year.  The soggy weather will linger on for a while longer, postponing the blissful time spent cooking over open flame.

The grill is ready.  I am ready. The chicken is ready.  

This version of chicken thighs was prepared during that brief foray into summer.  They were marinated in lime juice and olive oil. Freshly snipped tender branches of oregano and rosemary were added for a few minutes before cooking.  

While the thighs were cooking a salad with romaine lettuce, olives, feta, and a lemon vinaigrette was prepared.  To pair with the meal a warm, spicy Cote du Rhone was opened.  


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