Year Round Goodness

Familiar things often blend into the surroundings.  It is easy to forget about carrots this time of year.     All of the fresh, green veg that went absent during the cold winter months capture more immediate attention. 

Carrots are the chameleon of vegetables.  They blend easily with the seasons.  In winter they bake up nicely in cakes and roast beautifully with honey.  During the summer it is in their raw form that they truely shine.  

Shredded in coleslaw with cabbage, beets, green onion, mint, chives, and cilantro is one of my favorite ways of enjoying them once grill season is in swing.  I will add the zest of a lemon or lime to give the salad a citrus twang.  This salad is dressed with a milder, more buttery olive oil.  Samples from Provence, Spain, and Morocco have produced the desired effect for me.  

The crunchy ‘slaw can be served on the side of as a topping for burgers veggie or otherwise.  Stock the cooler with wit beer and Fume Blanc.  


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