Porrige Hot and Cold

Jet lagged and bleary eyed we headed out early to find the nearest Grød.

The short walk from our apartment cleared the fog, filled our lungs with fresh air, and brought to atttention the last meal we had been served was on an airplane.  We arrived at the Torvehallernekbh while most vendors were still shuttered.  Florist, and produce sellers were arranging their stalls.  A few early birds swirled in and out of the area picking up fresh juice or a coffee to go on their way to work.

As our Friday agenda did not possess such pressing matters we grabbed a spot at the high stools to look over our porridge options.  Grød takes oatmeal to another level.  There are gluten free options, coco nibs for toppings, as well as fresh berries, nuts, and caramel sauce.

We decided on two small bowls – one oatmeal with strawberries, caramels sauce and said cocoa nibs, the other a chilled chia and acacia bowl with skyr, berries, peanut butter, almonds, and coconut.  Along with a cafe latte to jump start things.

The bowls arrived filed to the brim.  Silence befell the table.  Over the course of a quarter  hour the same bowls were emptied.

Back again tomorrow…more of the menu to devour.


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