Papirøen – Paper Island 

Over the newish pedestrian bridge from Nyhavn lies a hub of Copenhagen’s food scene. Copenhagen Street Food has taken over a warehouse space on the water looking back oven the harbor into the city.  On sunny days the outdoor seating spills over with customers soaking up the rays and the flavors of the vendors inside.

The warehouse space is packed with vendor stalls. All the seating is communal.  Get to know your neighbor.  They may be feasting on falafel you have yet to try!

The foyer, if you will, is adorned with a giant disco ball in the shape of a cow.  It’s cheeky and hard to miss.  Two bars flank the entrance.  Both have a line.  Join the queue on either side to see what you get.  Continue around the warehouse’s perimeter taking note of all the vendors as you pass: falafel, burgers, tacos, craft beer. Endless options really. Don’t get overwhelmed.  You can always come back tomorrow to taste more.

That’s what we did.

Over the course of two visits we enjoyed tacos, succulent duck confit, duck fat fries, Polish sausages, herb roasted potatoes, saffron g&t, Roman pizza, and a creme brûlée doughnut.  Luckily, the city was made for walking.  The public transport is accessible.  There is too much to be seen in the city to spend it under ground.  It will allow you to build up your appetite and work off your meal.


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