Picnic in the park

The plan came together quickly.  It sounded simple enough – picnic in the park.  Salads were made, coolers were packed, rosé was chilled.

Before a baguette could be sliced the bees arrived to flip the mood.  A particularly aggravated few were flying around a nearby clover patch a few picnickers innocently scampered through making a bee line (pun intended) for  the swings.

A kindly neighbor popped home for some baking soda and bandaids as we were ill equipped for this turn of events.  This remedy worked like a charm.  The vibe of the picnic was decidedly jumpy after that.

We did manage to get through lunch.  That was generally the feeling.  We became determined to eat and be at the park.  There was not as much joy involved.

The rosé, the 2016 bottling from Lachini, is a delightful wine: bone dry with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry with a lemon twist on the finish.  It was enjoyed much later in the evening once the bees had long been forgotten.



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