The entire trip to Copenhagen centered around food and amusement parks.  Our apartment was a short walk to the Norreport station.  Ideally situated to allow us to walk through the Torvehallerne food hall each day.

Vendors are set up inside and out offering a dizzying array of fresh produce and artisanal food products.  There must be more than 100 vendors in this one city block – it’s pure magic.

Comparisons were made to the food scene in Madrid, or Barcelona.  One of my highlights was level of friendliness.  All of the vendors we interacted with were happy to take questions to talk about their product and share more details about their wares.  There was little pretension.

We strolled among the produces stalls as vendors were setting up for the day.  In late June cases were overflowing with rhubarb, strawberries, earth crusted potatoes, and mushrooms.

Once inside we wandered up and down before deciding on smorebrød for lunch.  We chose a selection of the classic open faced sandwiches: smoked cheese with radish and fresh herbs, meatball, liver pate with pickled red currants, potato salad with aioli and red onion.  The traditional flavors all revamped and presented in the most modern fashion.

Post sandwich feast we wandered back to The Coffee Collective to give ourselves a little jumpstart into the afternoon.  Their coffee is reminiscent of the best examples of small roasters found in Seattle.  We travel to expand, for adventure, and a new perspective. From time to time it is welcome to find something in a new place that ties you back to your home.


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