Aarhus Street Food

There are many reasons to make the journey west to Jutland.  Along the way we stopped at a park to find a troll, admired the wind turbines dotting the countryside, and made plans for our day in a new city.  We followed our noses from one booming street food scene in Copenhagen across to Jutland to check things out in Aarhus.

We arrived early in the late afternoon before offices closed for the day.  This gave us the time and space to meander through the space.  Things filled up quickly as nearby offices cleared out.  The energy lifted and queues formed.

We began with some Roman style pizza.  Enough to fill empty tummies while more dining decisions were made.

On this night, falafel jam packed with all kinds of veg, pickled and fresh, slathered in tzatziki.  Washed down with a local whit beer.  Everything was fresh and ready in minutes.  Like Copenhagen the seating is an open plan.  Grab space where you can find it.  Get ready to make friends.  Everyone hugs in close exchanging pleasantries and offering advice on where to eat next.


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