Roasting Broccoli

Bunches of broccoli could be easily over looked this time of year.  My word of advice – don’t.

Blanched florets act as a sponge when dipped in spiced bagna cauda.  The green earthiness of the veg providing a counter point to the dips salty twang.

In the height of summer turning on the oven for any length of time sounds like a sick joke.  Instead, move your cooking outside.  Chop the veg into medium sized pieces.  Toss with olive oil.  Then, roast on the grill in a cast iron pan.  Keep the pan on a cooler section turning the broccoli often to allow the veg to crisp without carbonizing.

Before it cools toss the broccoli in harissa, olive oil, sea salt, and mint.  Enjoy with a cool glass of Pinot Blanc or Gewürztraminer from Alsace.  The floral qualities of the two varietals will compliment the fiery dressing.  The wine’s naturally high acidity will clean the palate refreshing the senses.


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