Cooking out while staying home.

Blueberries are hitting their stride.  They have been a regular fixture in our berry flats for a few weeks.  The ones in this weeks flat are different.  The acidic twangy finish is gone, replaced with a soft brambly sweetness. The texture of the berries themselves is softer and more juicy.

This morning I attempted grilled blueberry pancakes.  One of my favorite breakfasts.  I followed Rachel Allen’s recipe for drop scones.  It never lets me down and comes together in minutes.

Sometimes I want my pancakes done yesterday.  Today was not one of those days where I would be bothered to separate the eggs, whisk the whites into oblivion, and then deliberately fold them back into the batter.  Pancakes on the grill was enough of a production.  With a failsafe recipe I headed out with my tray loaded down with more than the essentials: fish spatula, butter, blueberries, pancake batter, plate, and coffee.

The cast iron pan was trotted out to the warmed grill to begin the process.  It took a few trials to get the heat right.  After that it was invigorating to be outside cooking breakfast.  It felt like camping-lite.




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