Love My Farmers Market

I like to wander the aisles taking in all that is available before making decisions.  It’s nice to absorb the happy vibe buzzing around the stalls as vendors chat with customers and others converse amongst themselves about what to do with this and that.

At today’s market in Wallingford there was an overabundance of choice.  It’s August.  The stalls look magnificent.  Piles of zucchini, blueberries, peas, apricots, and melons vie for attention.  Ebony eggplants made their debut.  Heirloom watermelon are becoming a regular fixture.  I went home with peaches, nectarines, berries, spinach, green beans, and a sourdough loaf.

What will I do with them?  The peaches may go in a galette.  Or, they made become peach butter.  The weather is meant to break this weekend.  It may be an opportunity to do some preserving.  The spinach will go in a smoothie or a salad.  The green beans will be blanched and served with tomatoes, feta, and a seared loin of tuna (if the local fish are running).  The sourdough loaf will be serve at breakfast, toasted, then smeared with ricotta and topped with honey and blueberries. That should keep us going until Friday or Saturday at least.  By then there is another farmers market just around the corner to restock.

Love it!


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