Broccoli and Tofu

Two kitchen staples get an update thanks to a recipe from The Ottolenghi Cookbook.

The tofu, cut into thick steaks, marinates in a shallow bath of sweet soy sauce, sesame oil, and sweet chili sauce.  The recipe recommends thirty minutes.  More time would equal more flavor.

In the cast iron pan the oil is heated over the grill.  I'm still cooking outside.  It's quite a pleasant experience.  There will be plenty of time when the seasons shift to rekindle my relationship with the stovetop.

The tofu steaks popped a little when it first starts cooking.  Over a medium high heat the steaks caramelize nicely.  The broccoli is blanched long enough to set the color. The veg should have a bite, al dente if you will.  The florets should be drained and then tossed in the tofu marinade.  Garnish with fresh cilantro.

With the heat only beginning to wan an interesting and new dish that is best served cold is more than welcome.



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