Out on the grill…

The grill is on, again.  I plan to have it on as many days as the weather allows.

Cooking tonight for dinner tomorrow – turkey and potatoes.  There will be salad as well, tomatoes most likely.  The turkey breast was bone in and quickly marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Fresh herbs like thyme, oregano, or rosemary would have added another layer of flavor (maybe next time).  The potatoes received a similar treatment.  Simply seasoned with salt and pepper before going in the hot skillet.

The turkey went on the grill in one of the cooler spots.  It’s a large piece of meat that will need the better part of an hour to cook.  The skillet was rotated, as were the potatoes, to get a golden crust on the thick cut slices.  The lid of the grill was kept closed for most of the cooking process.  This should imbue a subtle smokey layer of flavor to tomorrow’s dinner.

While all this is cooking there is a bottle of rosso di montalcino breathing on the patio table.  It’s fruity with good tannic structure and a mineral finish.  It should pair well with dinner tomorrow night as well.



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