On the run.

Pacific Albacore tuna is running.  The brief season hits during peak summer.  It is a glorious time.  The loins are petal pink, tender, and sweet.

My preferred method of cooking them was learned years ago as a chef at The Herbfarm Restaurant in Woodinville, WA.  The cleaned loin is seasoned then rolled in minced fresh herbs and lemon zest.  Simply sublime.  It is then seared quickly, maybe two minutes on each side.  Then chilled.

Hello PNW nicoise!  Green beans (haricot verts) are in season.  New potatoes still have the soil clinging to their tender skins.  Tomatoes, if the summer weather has been generous should be tumbling off the vines.  The flavors are popping.

To serve slice the chilled loin generously.  For example, a one and a half pound loin should produce six ample portions for a lunch or light dinner.

For lunch today rosé dominated the table.  It was a juicy sample from Washington State.  Bordeaux blanc, pinot blanc or a Grand Cru Sylvaner from Alsace would be equally at home with this dish.  Lighter reds would also work because of the texture of the fish: Bourgogne rouge or Alsace Pinot Noir.  I would like to say a wine from Bolgheri would not be out of place; only if the oak was minimal.


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