“…some perspective.”

Anton Ego requests “…some perspective.” during his climatic visit to Gasteau’s.  The Provençal dish ratatouille harmoniously blends together summers peak vegetables.  They stew and simmer into a glorious concoction.

Minced scallion, basil, parsley, and red onion are added to the pan.  While the aromatics simmer the tomatoes are roughly chopped into large chunks  Preserve any juice that escapes when breaking them down.  Add minced garlic once the tomatoes have broken down.

Zucchini is cut and seared separately for added flavor.  The pieces are left rather large to prevent them from breaking down during the extended cooking process.  They are seared briefly in olive oil for color.  Then added to the main cooking pot.

The eggplant are another story.  Thick slices are tossed with salt and olive oil.  These pieces are seared on the grill until golden and soft.  These big pieces will also break down.  The grilling adds a smokey dimension to the finished dish.

Things have been simmering away together for 20-25 minutes.  For the last 5-10 freshly minced basil and parsley are added to the pot.  Halved cherry tomatoes are added for extra flavor and texture.


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