Tomato Toast

London Plane is a charming spot.  Flooded with evening light it takes on a romantic air.  Tonight I dined alone, grabbing a bite before heading to an event hosted by The Everygrey near by.

I sat at the bar looking out over the square, perfect for people watching. Baseball fans, executives, and hipsters all passed to and fro, all sauntering onto their destinations in the hazy pink light.

The menu has always been focused and seasonal.  Tonights special of roasted sweetbreads with watermelon and chili did sound tempting.  The tomato toast had already  caught by eye.  My loyalty could not be swayed.  And so it was, tomato toast on thick cut sourdough slathered with aioli topped with roasted bacon, slices of room temperature tomatoes, oregano, and a sprinkling of urfa briber.   The restaurant offers a selection of homemade sodas and shrubs.  Tonight’s elixir of choice was the cherry bomb shrub.  It was bubbly and palate cleansing.

The tomato toast was more than satisfactory.  Using oregano instead of the usual basil or chives added a nice twist to the usual flavor combination. The sourdough was crusty with a subtle nutty finish.  A delicious kickstart to a fun evening.


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