Tomato time.

There was no great shift in the weather that spurred the desire to make soup.  It was more the situation – dinner needed to get done.  The early girl tomato plants are bursting with fruit.  In the fridge waiting to be used were two red peppers, half a red onion, and a few cloves of garlic.

The soup was to be blended at the end. The tomatoes, peppers, and onion were roughly chopped the same size.  The garlic received the same treatment.  Everything was bundled into the preheated pot.  The tomatoes break down as the peppers sweat and soften.  While all this is going on I popped out to the garden for a large sprig of basil.  This was also quickly chopped and added to the pot.

It took 25-30 minutes for everything to tenderize. There is not much waiting after that. Using a hand blender everything is emulsified.  It was finished with a kiss of cream for richness.  A recipe that makes you feel the transition to fall will be smooth and delicious.


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