Hop Skip Jump

It is an easy ferry ride from Seattle to Vashon Island.

This past Sunday was forecast to be one of the last sunny, sunny days for the next while.  A trip to the island was planned to soak up the outdoors before the promised rain forced us indoors.

The main reason for traveling to Vashon was to visit the Nashi Orchard.  The cider makes a range of ciders and perrys that blend apple, pear, quince, and asian pear.  All of the beverages were aromatic, light, and well balanced with only a touch of sweetness.  Any of them would pair well with a dinner of sweet potoato gnocchi or roasted pork loin.

After the tasting we were escorted to the orchard to see the fruit trees and meet the sheep.  The orchard lies on the other side of a meticulously planned and maintained garden.  You can feel your blood pressure dropping just looking at it.  So zen.

We trooped through the grass past asian pears, apples and quince trees down to the afore mentioned sheep.  The braver in the group sauntered over.  Their bleeding and baying sounded more like a warbling bullfrog.  The sweet farm animals were fed a snack of long grass plucked from under a nearby tree.

Heading north making our way back to the ferry terminal we stopped at The Snapdragon Cafe for sustenance and caffeine.  The funky joint  was chock a block with local customers having their Sunday meal.  The pastries here are mouthwateringly huge.  There were eight of us.  Two cookies were purchased and divided without fuss (!!).

It was a fun and stress free way to get out of the city.  The open roads roll through the wooded country side.  I can see why this island is a popular destination for bicyclists.


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