The night before it snowed in early November two rough and tough lamb shanks were taken to task.

The initial preparation was nothing fancy.  The cast iron pan was heated.  Lamb shanks were well seasoned and oiled.  While they browned in one pan diced onion and minced garlic sweated in another.  Quartered yukon gold potatoes were added once the aromatics were nice and soft.  The shanks were transferred over after all sides had achieved a mahogany hue.  In order to leave no flavor behind the cast iron pan was deglazed with red wine; Cabernet franc in particular.

The dish cooked low and slow for over two hours.  It was taken out of the oven to rest once the shanks were knife tender.  They were nestled in cozy with the now silky onions and pillowy potatoes.  The meat was taken off the bone soon after.  It’s easier to clean up the shanks when they are still warm.

The following day it snowed.  This is unusually cold weather for a region more adept to misty rain.  What is more comforting on a cold, stormy night than a lip smacking stew and a glass of mineral laden Chinon.  The dish was finished with a flurry of fresh herbs, yogurt, harissa, and olive oil.

Lamb shanks braised to lip smacking tenderness. 

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