There is only so much pizza that can be consumed in one night.  After many pies were constructed and consumed a mound of dough remained.  It was boxed up and placed back in the fridge to slowly rise in its cool confines overnight.

The next morning the dough now pliant and slack was laid out on a well oiled baking tray.  As it slowly proofed an onion was caramelized for a topping.  Chopped capers, lemon zest and thyme were added to the pan towards the end of cooking.  The onion mix was allowed to cool slightly before spreading it out over top of the focaccia.

The slab baked for 20 minutes or so.  The corners became crisp the center firm.  Once out  of the oven, while still warm, olive oil was drizzled over the entire surface followed by salt and pepper – a lovely savory aroma hung about the kitchen.  The focaccia barely lasted a day.  It was snacked on alone, paired with cheese, and finally sliced thin and crisped to accompany dinner.



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