In my pantry there was…

In my pantry I found open bags of various grains that had a serving or two remaining.  The obvious remnants of dinners past had sat unused for far to long.  They came under scrutiny around the new year during a kitchen purge.

I had green lentils, bulgar (possibly, the bag was not labeled), and quinoa.  Hmmm.

Shallots and garlic were minced.  Red onion and carrots were called into action.  All of this was sweated in olive oil.  The bulgar was left to soak while the lentils and quinoa were added to the pan to toast lightly.  Cumin and smoked paprika were added to the pan moments before the tomato puree.  By the time it came to a simmer the bulgar had plumped up nicely.  This was folded into the mix.

The dish simmered on the stove for over an hour.  Rosemary was brought in from the garden and added half way through to add a subtly herby note.

The “chili”  was served with sour cream, shredded cheese, scallion and a good crack of fresh pepper.  It would be easy to add grilled sausage or braised pork shoulder to the meal if carnivores were clamoring.


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