Snappy and Evergreen

Optimistically I went to the garden store over the weekend for the first round of vegetable starts.  Temps are now well above freezing at night.  I feel like the delicate baby greens will do ok on the grey, rain soaked days.

I went with the intention of buying a few lettuce varieties and left with carrots, lettuces, an artichoke, rhubarb, and radish seeds.  Oh, and fennel and spinach.  My garden may start to rival Ireland for its forty shades of green.  Now the long wait before the first harvest as the starts settle into the beds.

The local farmers market in Ballard fills in that gap.  I was lucky enough to snag radishes, arugula, sprouting broccoli, and shallot, amongst other things.  Tonight’s salad had those radishes from the market and chives from the garden.  Tossed with mixed greens it made a lovely early spring salad.

The vinaigrette was a fundamental recipe involving whole grain mustard, honey, sherry vinegar, and olive oil.  All whisked together with fresh cracked pepper for a snappy and evergreen dinner served with grilled chicken.

Paired with dinner was a dry, sassy 2015 Riesling from Washington State.  The wines high acidity and clean flavors of pear, nectarine and chalk paired well with the crunchy salad.  A young Washington Sauvignon Blanc would not be a bad choice here as well.  Another option that would bring some nervy green notes to the table.


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