The berry, berry best

There was a pint container of blueberries lingering in the fridge this morning.  It was enough for a muffin recipe.  I adore Nigella Lawson’s book How To Be a Domestic Goddess.  I have found within it’s pages numerous successful baking projects.

This morning I returned to the tome in search of instructions that would transform the nearly forgotten blueberries into something worth remembering.  Instead I found one for raspberry and lemon muffins.  The blueberry recipe was on the page before.  Glancing at it briefly I was certain I had made that before.  I decided to substitute the blueberries in the new recipe and forge ahead.

I like these recipes for their ease of use, namely the butter is melted.  It does not require additional heavy machinery (aka the Kitchen Aide mixer).  In the time it takes to melt the butter.  The other ingredients, both dry and wet could be measured out.  The next few steps require the wet ingredients be added to the dry.  Mixed with a firm, but delicate hand.  Then scooped into the lined muffin tin.

Before putting them in the oven to bake I deviated from the recipe entirely and added an almond crumble to the top.  While searching for the baking soda I came across an unused portion of almond flour.  This was combined with a large nub of salted Irish butter, a tablespoon of cane sugar, and a dash of kosher salt.  It was all combined until pea size bits of crumble could be formed.  This was sprinkled on the muffins.  Only then did baking commence.

Twenty five minutes later my creations emerged from the oven smelling like a little piece of heaven. Toasted almonds have a most enticing smell. I could hardly wait for them to cool.  Before they did I pulled one off the cooling rack and enjoyed it with the rest of my morning coffee.


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