After many years away my portfolio highlights the photographs taken while back home in Ireland in July.  The time spent in and around the Southeast, County Cork in particular, is precious.  Many of the sights visited are nostalgic favorites that are frequented on every visit without fail.

Irish summers are rarely predictable.  It’s best to go over with a mindset to get out despite the weather.  The focus in the images below is on the lush land and seascapes that are the inevitable result of rainy seasons interspersed with brilliant blue skies. 

Ardmore I.jpg  Ardmore I

Ardmore III.jpg Ardmore IIArdmore V.jpgArdmore  V

Ballycotton Farmstand.jpgBallycotton Farmstand

Ballycotton Harbor.jpgBallycotton Harbor

Barley II.jpgBarley II

Ballycotton Lighthouse II.jpgBallycotton Lighthouse II

Ballycotton Lighthouse III.jpgBallycotton Lighthouse III

From Garyvoe Beach.jpgGaryvoe  Strand

Irish Stilllife I.jpgIrish Still Life

Castle Gardens II.jpgLismore Castle Gardens I