Papirøen – Paper Island 

Over the newish pedestrian bridge from Nyhavn lies a hub of Copenhagen’s food scene. Copenhagen Street Food has taken over a warehouse space on the water looking back oven the harbor into the city.  On sunny days the outdoor seating spills over with customers soaking up the rays and the flavors of the vendors inside….

Porrige Hot and Cold

Jet lagged and bleary eyed we headed out early to find the nearest Grød. The short walk from our apartment cleared the fog, filled our lungs with fresh air, and brought to atttention the last meal we had been served was on an airplane.  We arrived at the Torvehallernekbh while most vendors were still shuttered….

Summer Ale

Any day now there will be sunshine for miles.  All will be forgiven.  Until that day comes Fremont Brewing’s Summer Ale is bridging the gap.  This plucky ale is light and refreshing with a hoppy finish. This beer along with a slew of others can be imbibed at their brewery off 35th Street in between…

Year Round Goodness

Familiar things often blend into the surroundings.  It is easy to forget about carrots this time of year.     All of the fresh, green veg that went absent during the cold winter months capture more immediate attention.  Carrots are the chameleon of vegetables.  They blend easily with the seasons.  In winter they bake up…

Quite A Pairing

There is no shortage of Thai restaurants in Seattle.  Perhaps the fiery curries and sweet slurp able noodles drive away the funk of the soggy Pacific Northwest weather.  Perhaps it is simply the cuisine is delicious and as a result a majority of the city’s population love it.  More research is needed, obviously.  I am…

On The Grill

Wishing and hoping for the return of grill worthy weather.  There was a glimmer of possibility a few short weeks ago that “Junuary” might not make an appearance this year.  The soggy weather will linger on for a while longer, postponing the blissful time spent cooking over open flame. The grill is ready.  I am…

Chickpeas in olive oil

Back to a old favorite tonight.  I first stumbled upon this technique while perusing Cooking beans, legumes, and grains ahead of time leaves options open for cooking a few days down the road.  Braising the beans in olive oil is low key and flavorful Green onion and green garlic were chopped and lightly sautéed….

Nutty Squirrel

Out on Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood for a decadent scoop of gelato.  The choices at the shop range from strawberry passionfruit to classic chocolate. Tonights choice was a sweet, salty caramel affogato.